What is Functional Medicine?

What is Functional Medicine?

While the burden of chronic illness in our country has been characterized by monstrous economic and lost productivity consequences, the most important and heartbreaking impact to me is the individual lives that are not being fully experienced.  We only get one shot at life and all the joy and potential that each day should hold.  For so many, pain, fatigue, depression, an endless array of symptoms get in the way of living the vibrant and joy-filled life that is everyone’s birthright.  

Your genes are not your destiny.  Even the most vulnerable genetics can be overcome with individualized food, nutrition support, sleep, stress management and movement therapies.  In fact, individuals with some of the most robust genetics are profoundly ill due to the toxic food environment, environmental chemicals (xenobiotics), chronic infections, tobacco and alcohol use, high stress jobs, history of trauma or abuse, loneliness and lack of community, sleep deprivation and/or lack of purpose or spirituality.  There is no pill to fix these things, only dampen the symptoms.  

Conventional evidence-based medicine is precious and life-saving in trauma, acute infections and symptom management and I hold it in high esteem.  I am grateful that if I am involved in a car accident, contract an infection or have a child that breaks a bone playing a sport, we will be treated appropriately, swiftly and efficiently, with the best science and technology can offer.  But it is failing the 80% of medical care customers who are chronically ill.  

Functional Medicine is hope for that 80%.  Functional Medicine puts you and your story at the center of the process.  It keeps the science but adds the heart.  It is a new evidence-based medical model that searches for root causes and underlying imbalances and corrects them.  It considers the unique biochemistry and genetics of the individual as well as their unique experiences, environment and lifestyle habits.  

Learn more about Functional Medicine:  https://www.functionalmedicine.org/What_is_Functional_Medicine/AboutFM/