Weight Loss Program

“On My Weigh” Individualized Functional Medicine Weight Loss Program

Your Journey to a Healthy body at a Healthy Weight through sustainable lifestyle transformations.

On My Weigh is a six month weight loss program.  There is very strong evidence that calorie restriction is necessary for fat loss but metabolism begins to compensate at about 6 months, blunting the weight loss effort and producing a plateau.  It is important to take at least 3 months off calorie restriction while continuing to follow the new lifestyle practices: healthy food choices, daily movement, good sleep hygiene, stress management, cultivation of spirituality and community and fun (hobbies, pets, music, vacation, etc).  If you want to lose more weight, you can start again with calorie restriction on your own while maintaining the healthy lifestyle skills you have adapted or re-enter the program with me for the added support and assessment.

On My Weigh does not treat all calories as equal.  Despite the traditional wisdom to “eat less and move more” as the simple formula to weight loss, it could not be more from the truth.  The SAD foods and beverages we consume today have now been studied for their effects on physiology.  They produce profound and lasting oxidative stress, inflammation and insulin resistance.  They disturb satiety signals.  The calories are dense, lacking water and fiber that stretch the stomach and make you feel full sooner and longer.  They make you feel tired and hungry and undermine your efforts to restrict calories.  They cause rapid spikes in glucose that in turn cause too much insulin response and equally rapid nose-dives in glucose, reactive hypoglycemia.  The dietary program that we develop together for you will be some hybrid of the anti-inflammatory IFM Core Food Program, the Cardiometabolic Food Program, an Elimination Diet and/or the Detox Food Plan based on your physiology and biochemistry.  I also use fun assessment tool that looks at your unique eating lifestyle to identify the biggest barriers in your life to change.  With this in hand, we work together to create a “living” diet plan that grows as you shrink!

On My Weigh helps you find the right form and amount of physical activity. Science has demonstrated that you can overdo aerobic exercise which thwarts your attempts to lose fat.  It also shows that resistance training is an extremely supportive of a healthy weight loss program.  There is a “sweet spot” for weight loss that I will help you find.  I have a fun way to assess your physical activity lifestyle patterns and help you create a physical activity prescription that fits your unique preferences and targets your unique barriers.  You will also get a high quality pedometer to track your lifestyle steps and motivate you to add extra steps to your day.  I will help you find the right resources in the community to get motion into your life, Zumba classes, spinning classes, walking groups, etc.   

On My Weigh includes state-of-the-art self-monitoring tools.  Some valuable lessons have been drawn from the study of long-term successful weight losers: The National Weight Control Registry (http://www.nwcr.ws/Research/default.htm ).   A particularly valuable lesson is that they do a thing called “self-monitoring”.  They document what they eat and do and weigh.  It is also called journaling.  You get to use the online food and activity journaling system Food Prodigy which is connected to my professional diet analysis software, Food Processor.  You get instant feedback not only on calories and macronutrients (carbs, fat and protein), but fiber, iron, calcium, sodium and more.  I get a “real-time” view of how you are doing on your diet and I can look carefully at particular nutrients that I want to watch for their special weight loss benefits (magnesium, potassium, colorful vegetables, choline, inositol, etc) from among 163 nutritional components. 

Body Composition Analysis with the InBody 570.  Your doctor uses BMI to estimate body composition based on your height and weight.  This method has many inherent problems but the most significant one to me is that it is discouraging, just like your scale.  If you have initially replaced 3 pounds of fat with 3 pounds of muscle, your BMI will be the same and the scale will be the same but you will have made significant improvements in your appearance, how your clothing fits and your biochemistry and metabolism through shifts in body composition.  The InBody 570 is a highly accurate clinical measurement of your body composition, by body segment (arms, legs and trunk, muscle, fat and intracellular and extracellular water) comparable only to DEXA measurement or hydrostatic (full immersion) techniques at a fraction of the cost, time and more convenient. 


On My Weigh includes weekly group meetings with others on this journey.  The meeting is a 20 minute educational program, a 30 minute Functional Food culinary cooking class and a 30 minute support group.  There is very compelling research that community and support is a necessary component to success, not only in weight loss but any growth or change process.  Further, who you spend time with can either help or hurt your progress.  Change is hard work.  There is just no replacement for a community of people who know what you are going through that can help problem solve and encourage each other.  Many weight loss programs out there have done this and calorie or food counting and nothing more and have been wildly successful, at least for the short term.