Lifestyle Make-over

Longevity Lifestyle Make-over

This program is for clients who wish to learn about their unique health vulnerabilities and imbalances and adapt lifestyle changes to optimize their health.  There may be a new diagnosis or some nagging health issues but they are not severely limiting function.  You want to enhance energy and longevity.

Lite Wellness Functional Medicine Lifestyle Make-over:  4 months

2-hour Comprehensive Lifestyle and Nutrition Assessment and Initial Functional Medicine Prescription/Initial Lab Order

3 Follow-up visits, every two to three weeks, 1 hour each

Total hours dedicated to client:  14

Email and phone support, 1-3/week

Optional:  Add MRT food sensitivity testing and Immunocalm Diet to this program, additional 5 face-to-face hours and 5 development hours

Laboratory and supplement costs are additional