Intense Wellness Restoration

Intense Wellness Functional Medicine Program

This program is for clients who have exhausted the possibilities offered through conventional medicine or want to try an alternative approach to their health concerns.  Perhaps you have been told your problems are psychosomatic (all in your head) or you are losing the ability to work, play and enjoy life. 

Intense Wellness Functional Medicine Program:  6 to 8 months   

2-hour Comprehensive Lifestyle and Nutrition Assessment and Initial Functional Medicine Prescription/Initial Lab Order

6 Follow-up visits, every two-three weeks, 1 hour each

Email and phone support, 1-3/week

Total hours dedicated to client: about 30 hours

Optional:  Add MRT food sensitivity testing and Immunocalm Diet to this program, additional 5 face-to-face hours and 5 development hours

Laboratory and supplement costs are additional