Cooking Classes

Apron Adventures: Functional Medicine “Food is Medicine” Cooking Classes

“Nutrition without culinary transition is simply advice” -Amanda Archibald, RD


Essential to healthy eating is that we must learn to cook again.  This modern world of convenience and fast food is making cooking a lost art.  But in order to get well, you must take control of what you eat and this is impossible if you don’t cook for yourself.  If you have ever taken a good look at the ingredient list on a typical “energy bar” you know what I’m talking about. 

Cooking classes:  Anyone can cook and my approach is to be realistic with ingredients, cost, time and skill level.

Learn to transform therapeutic diet plans into personalized menus and shopping lists.

Learn to create recipes with “recipe frameworks”.  You will be able to walk into your kitchen and “throw together” a delicious meal that supports a vibrantly healthy body and mind faster than it takes to drive to the nearest fast food place, order and drive back. 

I will teach you how to make food that supports health in general and corrects your own particular imbalances. Functional medicine food plans are designed for restoring immune balance, oxidative balance, acid base balance, toxin load balance, hormone and neurotransmitter balance, blood sugar and insulin and cardiovascular health through specific deeply nourishing foods that reach into your cells and turn genes on and off.

I provide clients lists of valuable kitchen tools, grocery store tours, many recipes, and affordable sources for some of the harder to find foods and ingredients. 

The power of the body to heal itself when properly and richly nourished far outpaces symptom control drugs, and reaches multiple and seemingly unrelated symptoms, without negative side effects.  Discover food that truly is medicine that goes down easy (without the spoon full of sugar)!

Here are some series of the cooking classes I see coming in the near future:

Exploring Blue Zones: Longevity Cooking

Cardiometabolic: Antioxidant Rich and Refined Carbohydrate Poor

Anti-Inflammatory Foods and Mediterranean Diet

Whole Food Eating: A journey through the “Food Rules”

Detox Eating:  Cooking and Eating Clean